Carr, Helen

Helen Carr is Reader in English at Goldsmith’s College, University of London. She is co-editor of Women: a Cultural Review and was founder-editor of Woman’s Review. She has written widely on literature and anthropology from a feminist and postcolonial viewpoint.

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£ 12.99 each Jean Rhys (2nd ed)


A lucid and attractively written study of Jean Rhys, whose critical reputation continues to rise after long neglect.

Description: Neglected and forgotten for many years, the arresting, elliptical novels written by the Domenican-born Jean Rhys are now widely acclaimed. Her last and most famous novel, Wide Sargasso Sea, her retelling of Jane Eyre, is a central text for the imaginative re-examination of gender and colonial power relations. Helen Carr’s account draws on both recent feminist and post-colonial theory, and places Rhys’s work in relation to modernist and postmodernist writing. Whilst all Rhys’s novels are autobiographical, it is a mistake, Carr argues, to see them simply in individual terms: Rhys uses the material of her own life to structure a devastating critique of the greed and cruelty of the Establishment world, both of Europe and of Empire. This new edition considers the growing body of critical appreciation of Jean Rhys.


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Author: Carr, Helen




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