Connor, Steven

Steven Connor is Professor of Modern Literature and Theory at Birkbeck, University of London. His publishes works include: Postmodernist Culture: An Introduction to Theories of the Contemporary (1989), Theory and Critical Value (1992), and The English Novel in Histry 1950-1995 (1995)

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Description: The work s of James Joyce have long been regarded as central to European modernism. It is also clear what a continuing provocation and source of renewal Joyce’s works are for contemporary cultural theory, especially feminism, post modernism and postcolonialism. This new edition of Steven Connor’s book is an animated, accessible critique to the whole range of Joyce’s work, from Dubliners through to Finnegan’s Wake. It contains a revised bibliography and critical evaluation, taking account of the ever-growing corpus of literary criticism of Joyce and his work. Steven Connor is a foremost scholar of modern literature, and his book traces the leading concerns of Joyce’s work with language, sexual and cultural identity, and the transforming experiences of modernity, and considers the relations between Joyce and postmodernity.

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Author: Connor, Steven


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