Mudford, Peter

Peter Mudford is Reader in Modern English at Birkbeck College, University of London. He has taught Modern Literature in a number of countries including India and the USA. He has published Birds of a different plumage, a study of British Indian Relations from Akbar to Curzon (Collins); The Art of Celebration: a study of late 19th and early 20th century literature (Faber). Memory and Desire: the representation of passion in the European Novella will shortly be published by Duckworth.

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£ 9.99 each Graham Greene 


A fresh assessment of Graham Greene's achievement as a writer who articulated the conflicting voices within twentieth century culture.

Description: Graham Greene is among the major creative talents of our time. This study concentrates on his achievements as a novelist whose work spanned more than sixty years, and was translated into forty languages. As skilful in writing with humour as with seriousness, he combined the gifts of a superb story-teller with the power to analyse the political ills and human dilemmas of an age of anxiety. As a writer who 'happened to be a Catholic', he also reflected the problem of faith and belief in a time of persistent violence. This study describes his vision of the twentieth century, and his evolving dedication to his craft as a writer of fiction.


Author: Mudford, Peter


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