Priestley, JB

J.B. Priestley was a leading novelist, dramatist, essayist and critic of his age. He died in 1984.


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£ 9.99 each William Hazlitt 


A classic from the original Writers and their Work series with a new introductory study by Michael Foot.

Description: William Hazlitt was a brilliant and perceptive essayist and critic of the early 19th Century whose critical impressions of his contemporaries and their work give us a sense of an age and the leading figures who populated it in a particularly vivid way. In The Spirit of the Age Hazlitt achieved the fullest and best beloved expression of his gifts but he wrote many other distinguished essays all of which are considered here.

The re-issue of the two important studies by J.B. Priestley and R.L. Brett together with a new introductory essay by Michael Foot and a revised selective bibliography are a response to Hazlitt's re-emergence as a writer whose original wit and acute observation of the age in which he lived have been giving enduring pleasure to a growing number of Hazlitt readers and scholars. This book is an ideal introduction to the variety of Hazlitt's work.


Author: Priestley, JB & Brett, R.L



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