Rowe, William

William Rowe is presently affiliated to Birkbeck College, London, as the Anniversary Professor of Poetics; he is also the Director of Contemporary Poetics Research Centre. Previously he has taught at King’s College London and Liverpool University, as well as accepting posts of visiting Professor in Peru and Mexico. William Rowe is the editor of the Journal of Poetics Research.

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£ 12.99 each Three Modern Lyric Poets

A lively introduction to some of the sharpest poetry of recent years.

Description: This book offers the general reader an introduction to some of the most exciting poetry of recent years. Lee Harwood, Chris Torrance and Barry MacSweeney all write against the grain, shaping the lyric into an instrument of criticism as well as ecstatic joy. Their writing expresses the power of poetry to expose the corruption of language to excite political passion, but also to touch the deepest bodily core of pain and joy. This is poetry written against the prevailing culture, uncompromising in its commitment to truth. These poets take lyrical emotion away from gutless pastoral nostalgia and dull conservative language and bring it into the contemporary: poetry that, instead of lulling to sleep, explodes with the possibilities of life.


Author: Rowe, William

three lyric poets


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