Watts, Cedric

Cedric Watts, Professor of English at the University of Sussex, is recognised internationally as a leading authority on the life and works of Joseph Conrad. Of the twenty books that he has written or edited, thirteen are devoted either to Conrad or to Conrad's friend Cunninghame Graham.


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£ 9.99 each Joseph Conrad 


An authoritative introduction to the range of Conrad's work by an eminent Conrad scholar.

Description: Locating Conrad's work in the context of the writer's life and cultural milieu, Professor Watts's study examines the main phase in Conrad's literary development. Drawing out the distinctive thematic preoccupations and technical devices in Conrad's writing, Watts explores Conrad's importance and influence as a moral, social and political commentator. He focuses in particular on Almayer's Folly, The Nigger of the Narcissus, Heart of Darkness, Lord Jim, Nostromo and Chance. The critical discussions address recent controversial developments in the evaluation of this magisterial, vivid, yet complex and problematic author.


Author: Watts, Cedric

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