Hamlet (2nd ed)

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Taylor & Thompson

An analysis of Hamlet as a play and its afterlife as a cultural phenomenon by the editors of the forthcoming Arden edition of Hamlet.

Description: An instant success in 1600, Hamlet has been performed, quoted and discussed extensively for 400 years but still inspires new versions, new adaptations, new ideas. The authors of this book (who are editing Hamlet for the third Arden Shakespeare series) survey ‘Hamlet’ as a phenomenon - a myth - as well as Hamlet as a play, from its pre-Shakespearean origins to its presence in the latest novel or film. Through attention to different versions of the play (including the possibility that Shakespeare himself may have written more than one version), and to such central concerns as language, politics and gender, they analyse the extraordinary achievements of Hamlet and the ways in which these have been interpreted and appropriated by generations of actors, audiences and readers. Through their use of recent critical approaches, they situate this highly complex Renaissance tragedy in relation to our own very different culture.


developes a very readable, meaty argument on Hamlet and gender....handy and informative

                      English Studies


Author: Thompson, Ann & Taylor, Neil

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