Pope Amongst the Satirists

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Brean Hammond

This book studies the ‘Golden Age’ of satire in the period 1660-1750, its dominant literary forms and its outstanding practitioners.

Description: An introduction that accounts for the prevalence of satirical modes of expression in the period 1660-1750 is followed by a chapter dealing with the poetic and dramatic satire of the post-Restoration era, foregrounding the work of Dryden, Rochester, Wycherley and Vanbrugh. Chapter two explains why the work of Alexander Pope dominates the satirical scene for the length of the poet’s active life (1712-44). Whereas earlier chapters had concentrated on sex and politics, the book’s third chapter focuses on beliefs and ideas that arose out of the intellectual ferment of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. Conflicts over the ownership and promotion of knowledge are more central here than individuals, but some figures do stand out: Swift, Gay, Fielding and again Pope - though considered here in a very different perspective as part of wider satirical groupings and projects. In this chapter, the emerging novel joins the story of satire.

Author: Hammond , Brean

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