Womens Gothic (2nd ed) 

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E.J. Clery

An updated study of female writers of Gothic literature, showing how they broke down literary barriers and shaped this genre of fiction.

Description: Female writers of Gothic were hell-raisers in more than one sense: not only did they specialise in evoking scenes of horror, cruelty and supernaturalism, but in doing so they exploded the literary conventions of the day, and laid claim to realms of the imagination hitherto reserved for men. They were rewarded with popular success, large profits, and even critical adulation.

E.J. Clery’s acclaimed study tells the strange but true story of women’s Gothic. She identifies contemporary fascination with the operation of the passions, and the example of the great tragic actress Sarah Siddons, as enabling factors, and then examines in depth the careers of two pioneers of the genre, Clara Reeve and Sophia Lee, its reigning queen, Ann Radcliffe, and the daring experimentalists Joanna Baillie and Charlotte Dacre. The account culminates with Mary Shelley, whose Frankenstein (1818) has attained mythical status.


Concise, jargon-free and economically priced, this book would be an excellent addition to any undergraduate course on the Female Gothic

                    Gothic Studies

A valuable and inspiring study..an original contribution to the current debate

                    British Association for Romantic Studies Bulletin and Review


Author: Clery, E.J.

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