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Kimberley Reynolds

A concise but comprehensive overview of developments in children's literature over the past 100 years.

Description: During the 1890’s, when the Aesthetes dominated the adult publishing world, children’s publishing responded with conservative genres designed to promote traditional class and gender roles and patriotism. After two world wars, however, much changed. Together with a rise in secularism and new social problems, a powerful youth and popular culture emerged – as a result, the range of issues now covered by children’s literature is huge. Kimberley Reynolds looks at the dominant genres which have evolved over the last century and explores how sensitive social issues have been tackled. She also examines the relationship between the child reader and the adult writer and draws conclusions about the children’s literature both as a forum for shaping the next generation, and as a safe place for developing writers’ private fantasies.


In anyone’s terms this is a virtuoso and scholarly tour de force analysis of the past 100 years of children’s fiction

            Times Higher Educational Supplement


A constantly thoughtful and thought-provoking book with the importance of literature and the needs of real children as its constant concerns. There are some remarkable insights into the history of children’s literature

              The School Librarian


Author: Reynolds, Kimberley

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