The Ninetenth Century Sensation Novel (2nd ed)

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Lyn Pykett

An accessible study of the sensation novel of the 1860s.

Description: A 'great fact?' in the literature of its day, a 'disagreeable' sign of its times, or an ephemeral, minor sub-genre? What was the sensation novel and why did it briefly come to dominate the literary scene in the 1860s? This clearly written and wide-ranging study identifies the main features of the sensation novel, analysing its broader cultural significance as well as looking at it in its specific cultural context. Focusing on the works of Wilkie Collins, Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Ellen Wood and Rhoda Broughton, Lynn Pykett uses feminist literary history and theory and a cultural studies approach to show how the developments of the last 20 years or so have enabled the sensation novel to be re-viewed as a genre. Her thought-provoking analysis will be welcomed by general and specialist readers alike.


Author:  Pykett , Lynn

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