Bram Stoker

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Andrew Maunder

Provides an examination of the range of Stoker’s work, as well as his career as a writer of popular fiction

Description: Most famous for his much-filmed novel Dracula, Bram Stoker was nonetheless a prolific writer. This accessible new book offers an introduction to the range of his work - novels, short stories, biography, and criticism. It provides a discussion of recent scholarship on Stoker including the many attempts to write his life and find the ‘real’ Bram Stoker, and the lurid speculation this provokes. Moving beyond this, the author focuses on Stoker’s career as a late Victorian and Edwardian novelist in the commercial marketplace, looking at the fictional trends - horror, romance, adventure, crime - which his work encompasses, his bid for fame as a writer, how his novels were received, and on their engagement with contemporary anxieties about gender and nationhood. Finally the book examines recent criticism as well as some of the ways in which later generations have read Stoker, including the continuing fascination exerted by works like Dracula on writers and film-makers.


Author: Maunder, Andrew

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