Leo Tolstoy 

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John Bayley

A modern study by a distinguished and elegant critic of Tolstoy's most significant achievements in writing.

Description: Tolstoy's art as represented in his greates novels: War and Peace and Anna Karenina continues to absorb, fascinate and delight modern readers despite its lack of appeal of much of his later convictions. His great works continue to exercise a profound influence on the best imaginative writing.

John Bayley concentrates in this short introductory study on Tolstoy's two great works and the ancillary texts and tales tht relate to them. In elucidating the power and originality which are alive in these masterpieces Professor Bayley makes a compelling caase for return to the originals which will continue to captivate readers and draw them irresistibly into a unique spacious and complex world.


Author: Bayley, John

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