Kingsley Amis

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Richard Bradford

This is a study of the real Kingsley Amis, literary technician and popular story teller, the most amusing novelist of contemporary fiction.

Description: Since the 1950s Amis has been one of the most populr novelists in britain. From Lucky Jim (1954) to The Biographer's Moustache (1995) his novels have mixed realism, fantasy, black comedy and satire. His public imge has been equally varied: angry young man, left wing liberal, club-land Tory, shameless mysogynist.

This book shows us the real Amis. he offers us a version of ourselves but does not instruct or explain. his technical craftmanship rivals that of modernists but he remains accessible to the ordinary reader. Amis's novels remind us that fiction can be as engaging and immediate as television and film, but also that the medium of language is more effective than either of these in its ability to consume our anxieties, doubts and pleasures.

...useful and widely targeted critical contribution

              Years Work in Eglish Studies


Author: Bradford, Richard

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