Margaret Atwood 

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Marion Wynne-Davies

Margaret Atwood is an internationally renowned author whose works engage with some of the most important concerns of the twenty-first century, including: feminism, international terrorism, multicultural-ism and global warming.

Description: This book traces the chronological development of Atwood’s global reputation from Canadian nationhood to world-wide politics and from the role of women to gender identity. Chapters offer a comprehensive overview of her poetry, novels, shorter fiction, children’s books, criticism and experimental multi-genre work. There are more detailed analyses of Atwood’s most influential writing, from her first novels such as Surfacing and The Edible Woman, through the works that ensured her international reputation such as The Handmaid’s Tale, Cat’s Eye and The Robber Bride, to her most recent work, Alias Grace and Oryx and Crake. Wynne-Davies presents these works through an overall understanding of Atwood’s intelligence, humour, linguistic dexterity, breadth of vision and ethical integrity.

• Margaret Atwood is studied widely from A level upwards.

• A comprehensive and accessible analysis of Margaret Atwood’s writing.

• Up to date, with bibliography.

• Will appeal to the general reader as much as the scholar.


Author: Wynne-Davies, Marion

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