Djuna Barnes

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Deborah Parsons

In this illuminting and lucid study, Deborah Parsons exmines the psychological and stylistic aspects of Djuna Barnes's work within social, cultural and aesthetic context of the modern period.

Description: Djuna Barnes once described herself as one of the most famous unknowns of the century. Revisionary accounts of female modernist writers have reawakened interest in her work, yet she remains a unique and idiosyncratic figure, unassimilated by models of American expatriate or Sapphic modernism. in this study Deborah Parsons examins the range of Barnes's oeuvre; her early jurnalism, shot stories and one act dramas, poetry, the family chronicle Ryder, the Ladies Almanack, and her late play The Antiphon, as well as her modernist classic Nightwood. She explores the psychological and stylistic aspect of Barnes' work through close analysis of the text within their social, cultural and aesthetic context, andprovides an indespensible and enriching guide to Barnes' artistic identity and poetic vision.


Author: Parsons, Deborah L

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