Julian Barnes

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Matthew Pateman

This study examines each of Barnes' novels under his own name, indicating how his treatment of common themes in inventive structures helps to invigorate both the themes and the novel form itself.

Description: This book provides brief introductory overview of Barnes' career and the offers a discussion f ech of the novels written in his own name. Focusing on the novels themselves, the chapters offer close readings that seek to highlight the dominant ideas of each text. These range cross such areas as narrative inventiveness, quetions of love, notions of truth of justice, friendship and betrayal, cynicism, faith, politics and art. While each novel is talked about in its own right, the book aims to demonstrate that Barnes' writings constantly attempt to push the limits of thenovel form, however subtly, and that, as such, he is one of the most important writers in Britain today.


A terrific resource that examine the works of Julian Barnes from Metroland through Love, etc. Matthew Pateman offers straightforward commentary of the novels, while retaining a high level of scholarship and interpretation. A must-read for anyone studying

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Author: Pateman, Matthew

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