Wyndham Lewis and Modernism

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Andrj Gasiorek

This book offers an account of the development and significance of the writer and painter Wyndham Lewis, the history of Anglo-American modernism in addition to modernism’s internal critique.

Description: An introduction to the work of Wyndham Lewis, one of the most important of the Anglo-American modernists, who has until recently been neglected. This book traces Lewis’s influential involvement in the Vorticist movement; his commitment to early avant-gardism, his relations with figures such as Pound, Eliot and Joyce and his gradual movement away from modernism towards a theory of satire. Lewis was also significant as a cultural critic and a professional controversialist. This book explores his polemical views on gender, sexuality, politics, and society, the commodification of culture, subjectivity, and aesthetics. It concludes with a discussion of Lewis’s importance to the current critical re-evaluation of literary modernism.


Author: Gasiorek, Andrzej

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