Elizabeth Taylor 

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Nicholas Reeve

A critical introduction to the work of the English novelist Elizabeth Taylor (1912-75)

Description: The novels and stories of Elizabeth Taylor (1912-75) have always had an enthusiastic following among the general reading public, and have been greatly admired by fellow-writers, such as Elizabeth Bowen, Kingsley Amis and, more recently, Philip Hensher and Sarah Waters. Her subtle, compassionate and often surprisingly abrasive explorations of post-war British life have, however, been relatively neglected by academic criticism. This study aims to introduce her work, to trace some of its recurrent preoccupations – with memory, dispossession and bereavement, and with her generation’s experience of wartime as both disruption and opportunity – and to highlight the ruthless wit with which she assaulted all forms of egotism and self-satisfaction.


Author: Reeve, Neil Henry

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