Women Writers of the 17th Century

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Ramona Wray

This new study introduces readers to a range of writing by women across the breadth of the seventeenth century.

Description: This introductory work traces the trajectory of women’s writing from the first known stirrings of female authorship in the late sixteenth century to the emergence of the professional woman writer at the Restoration. Across a stretch of one hundred years, Wray argues that women participated in many kinds of literary discourse, such as poetry, drama, fiction, autobiography, biography, advice books and religio-political treatises. Women Writers of the Seventeenth Century explores the major genres, assessing women’s distinctive literary contributions, and offering a reappraisal of their work in terms of recent critical perspectives. Authors covered include Elizabeth Carey, Amelia Lanyer, Elizabeth Joscelin, Anna Trapnel, Mary Rich, Hannah Allen and Aphra Behn.


Author: Wray, Romana

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